Asheville, North Carolina

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Making craft art with glass, metal and wood in Asheville, North Carolina

Upcoming Events

In Western North Carolina

This page lists the events in Asheville, and among other locales of Western North Carolina, in which Stainedglass & Metalwood Creations is involved.  It could be an art festival, demonstration  of art techniques, or a gathering of artists. Look to see if anything appeals to you, and if you have questions, or would like to attend an event, call for details and directions. 

Outside of North Carolina

Occasionally Dave displays his artwork outside of the state where he lives and has his studio. It could be that one of his pieces is in a private or public collection that is available for viewing, or he may be showing his work at an art festival in another locale. If one of those places is near you, and you would like to attend the event, he will post that information for your convenience.

Retail Outlets

You will find some  of Dave's work displayed at local galleries or retail establishments in Asheville, or surrounding cities and towns. In November, 2018, he exhibited two pieces in the Veterans/Artists show, at the  Refinery Creator Gallery, 207 Coxe Avenue, Asheville, NC 

Share the News

From time to time important events happen that are related to the artist or Stainedglass & Metalwood Creations. Look for changes and notable additions, such as the introduction of a new product or service, that may be of interest to you.

Calendar of Events

Events in Western North Carolina

2016- Stainedglass and Metalwood Creations moves to Asheville, setting up in the Little River Art District. 

Events outside of Western North Carolina

2000-2015  Craft art is created and sold in other states. Classes in metal sculpting, and stained glass craft art attract students interested in becoming sculptors.

News Events

Dave has recently received instruction in creating mosaic panels from a prominent local mosaic artist, Linda Pannullo. He is using that knowledge to make a mosaic piece of his cat, Gray Boy, which will appear soon in the Mosaics section of this website.