Asheville, North Carolina

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Making craft art with glass, metal and wood in Asheville, North Carolina


Class times and fees.

Most classes are six to eight weeks in length, and the fee, per two hour session, is $45. Classes are usually conducted on Saturdays, from 10 am to 12 pm, but times and fees are negotiable, depending on the needs of the students.  

Student Feedback

Students report that they enjoy receiving background information about glass and metal sculpting, as well as being able to learn and apply techniques to build a project during class time. 

Upcoming Classes

Classes are usually held in the spring or fall, but additional classes may be conducted in the winter.  Look for notices of upcoming classes at the Pink Dog Creative, or River Arts District Artists websites. For more information,  email the instructor at,  or call him at (828) 231-1397.

Beginning Course in Copper Foil Method being taught this fall from October 12- November 30, 2019. Spaces are still available until October 17th.

Course Content

Questions often arise as to what are the specific areas of instruction found in these classes. The basic courses in art glass enable students to learn how to construct glass panels, using the copper foil or lead came methods. The course in metal fabrication consists of instruction in how to cut and join metal, in order to make metal art work from found material. Tools and supplies are available for sale onsite, or tools can be borrowed from the instructor. Machinery to cut, grind or join glass and metal are available and included in the course fee.