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Making craft art with glass, metal and wood in Asheville, North Carolina

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Early Art Glass

The history of glass making is a very ancient art, stemming from a couple thousand years BC. The Egyptian, Greek and Roman artisans made glass art for the wealthy patrons among them. But even commoners had glass amulets and jewelry for their household and worship needs.

Glass in the Middle Ages

The many cathedrals that dotted the European landscape used their stained glass windows to tell stories in pictures of biblical events and figures, about  which an illiterate populace would not otherwise have access. Many of the cathedral windows have survived the centuries, inspiring more modern churches to grace their interiors with these biblically based, beautiful works. 

Tiffany & LaFarge

Stained glass today is thought to have originated in the later part of the 19th and early part of the 20th centuries, with the exquisite works of Louis C. Tiffany and his rival, John LaFarge. The Biltmore House and other venues showcase Tiffany's work, whereas LaFarge's pieces and reputation have fallen into relative obscurity.

Current Glass Artists

Blowing glass into beautiful colored designs seems to be the most popular aspect of glass fabrication today, not only in Asheville, but also throughout the country. A prominent glass blower, who inspires so many others to try his art, is Dale Chihuly. His legacy will live on for many generations.

Stained Glass Art

Glass panels, lampshades, jewelry boxes, sun catchers and more are part of the work that Dave has done for many years. If you see his work and would like to purchase an item, please call him to place an order, and that piece will be sent to you promptly. Customized pieces are also available for your home or office. 

Fused Glass Art

Some of the art that you see is made from combining glass pieces under heat in a kiln to produce a more fluid work of art. If you have a particular shape or color scheme that you think would go with your decor, call and discuss how that pattern can be turned into a fused glass piece, which fits in with your interior design.