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Making craft art with glass, metal and wood in Asheville, North Carolina

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The retail price of the Demon /Angel Candle holder is $2,500.

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Metal Work

Metal Sculpting has long been a process that Dave has enjoyed doing, after he graduated from the Lincoln Electric Welding school in Cleveland, Ohio.  It was the first medium in which he created art several years ago, and it has continued to enable him to fabricate pieces in many shapes and sizes. 

The first pieces were the Court Jester, the Angel-Demon candle holder, and the Phoenix bird. They garnered much attention from those who saw them, and two of them are in private collections. He also makes signs, using metal on wood. For instance, the photo of metal bolts on wood point  to places where his metal work studios were formerly located.

More recently he met another metal artist in Asheville, who twists wire to make whimsical trees and wall hangings. From that association, he has gone on to make his own metal trees, one of which incorporates glass and turns on its round pedestal.

Whether it is teaching a class in making metal art, or figuring out what other medium would combine nicely with metal to produce a mixed media creation, Dave enjoys using torches or electrical equipment to turn found metal into art work, and to inspire others to do the same.