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Making craft art with glass, metal and wood in Asheville, North Carolina

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Matting and Framing

Asheville is blessed to have a local community college that teaches many subjects, including a course in  matting and framing.  The reason for do it yourself framing is that, whatever two dimensional art  you

want to enhance and organize with a border, you can apply the proper dimensions to that border yourself.


There are standard size frames and then there are customized borders. The kind of wood and finish you apply to the frame reflects your taste and eye for what is beautiful.  If done with care, one can create a wooden border that, at times, is as  striking as the art piece it contains.

Framing can be used in many ways. Usually a frame will surround a painting, but with the right mat, it can also add depth to a  display of stamps and paper money. Stained glass is often bordered by lead came and wire loops attached to a wire or chain.  By adding a wooden frame,  one can create a more finished look, that blends  easily with the surrounding decor.  Consider how a mat and frame can add to your art work, and can make the difference in how it is judged by others.

The framed stained glass panel to the right has been purchased by a couple from Charleston, SC to celebrate her 60th birthday. The framed Caribbean currency in the upper left hand photo below is available  for $75. The framed bamboo print that is displayed in the bottom row of photos is the work of Hendersonville, NC framer and wood worker, John Anderson.