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Making craft art with glass, metal and wood in Asheville, North Carolina

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Wood Carving

Carving wood is a socially creative act, as it is usually done among a group of fellow carvers, such as the Apple Country Wood Crafters and Carvers, of Hendersonville, NC. Many of the club's carvers use their craft to make wooden toys for non-profit organizations that serve children. The Crafters use shop equipment for  wood turning, and learning new techniques for carving and framing, that  produce unique pieces of wood art.

Some examples of wood carving  include whimsical houses and steps, carved from cottonwood bark, as well as a chip carved shelf and a wood burned relief carving.  Sometimes the houses have windows, which reflect light by means of stained glass pieces affixed to their back. A wooden staff with animals on it reminds the viewer of the Noah's Ark story.  The chip-carved shelf incorporates copper for strength and decoration. It is easy to see that wood combines well with metal and glass to make attractive mixed media art. 


Wood art for sale

The retail price of the carved and burned Mill scene is $90.

 For customized wood items, call Dave at 828-231-1397.